Dragon City APK Mod Unlimited Money – Download Updated Version (v10.4.5) for Free

Are you a dragon game lover and looking for a place to download the latest version of Dragon City for free? Then you are at the right place. Dragon City APK Mod Unlimited Money is an innovative and advanced version of the official dragon city game; it comprises of a massive number of existing features that were not present in the old version, like unlimited money, gold, and gems. Due to these features, this game has attained thorough going popularity, and it is one of the desired games of the game lovers.

Features – Dragon City APK Mod Unlimited Money

This app contains several progressive features. Below are the key characteristics of this game, which will surely make you download this game.

Free Gems for Dragon City

Unlimited money

Dragon City APK Mod Unlimited everything provides an unlimited amount of money to the player. Money is of great importance in this game because, by the use of money, the player can get anything from the shops and can enhance their city.

Money is required in the construction of the city, and if the money is lacking, the player cannot construct a beautiful city. This feature was not provided by the official version of this game, but the updated version facilitates the player with a large number of new characteristics. So, if you want to get this game downloaded for free, then you are at the right place

Unlimited Gold

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Dragon City Unlimited Money  is that it delivers an unlimited quantity of gold to the gamer. Gold is also significant for the player because the player can use this gold to get different things from the market. Gold is required for different types of works. It is needed to provide various kinds of locales to the dragon city and is also essential in unlocking diverse types of dragons.

Unlimited Gems

The other most important feature of this game is that it permits the user to accumulate unlimited gems. These gems are also crucial in the game as they are used for different purposes. They might be used to observe the dragon in the fight, to have a new form building in the city, and to expose different dragons as well.

Unlocked Everything

One most stimulating feature of this game is that all the constrained areas are unlocked. It is the desire of every gamer to survey the whole expanse provided by the game, but in the official type of Dragon City, various areas were locked, and the player couldn’t explore the entire place. But this game brings the opportunity to the gamer to inspect all the zones as they are no more protected.

Damage Recovery

Every gamer wants to increase the liveliness of the dragon after any damage, this prospect is also offered by Dragon City APK Mod Unlimited Money, which rises the liveliness of the dragon, and it can easily recover from any kind of the loss.

Full Collection of New Dragons

This game delivers more than 80M+ dragons for the dragon fans and the gamer is allowed to gather various forms of dragons. These dragons could be used in different types of battles. All types of dragons have some electrifying characteristics that could be used in the battle.

Make new Dragon

One more exciting and attractive feature of this game is that the player is allowed to breed different dragons to make a new one. The new dragon, which will be formed contains the characteristics of both the parent dragons. This way is very useful because the player can make more powerful and magical dragons.

Different Lands and Masters:

This game offers a widespread assembly of land to the gamer, which has different types of islands. The player can use these areas to construct a magical city. There are different dragon masters in the game. These dragon masters have many powerful dragons, and if the player defeats these masters, they can get the dragons and also enhances the fighting experience.

Install the latest version

The updated version of this game can be downloaded without paying any charges and you can enjoy your favorite game for free.

NameDragon City Mod Apk
File Type  APK
Version  Latest
Size    130 MB
DeveloperSocial Point
Category App Store and Apk Market
Supports Android
Last Updated June 29, 2020
Download Dragon City Mod APK
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Installation method

You can install this game by following steps.

Step 1 – Go to the settings of your phone then go to the security to enable the Unknown sources. When you enable the Unknown sources, you are permitting your phone to install different apps.
Step 2 – Then, click the link mentioned above and download the app.
Step 3 – After downloading completes, go to the File manager of your phone and install the app.
Step 4 – Once the app is installed, click the “open” button to open the app.

Enjoy Your Favorite Dragon City APK Mod for Free

Wrapping Up

Dragon City APK Mod Unlimited Money is an advanced version of the official dragon city game. It embraces a massive number of existing and innovative features that are provided by the official version, for example, unlimited money, gold, coins, and gems.
Due to these new features, this game has become one of the favorite games of the game lovers. You can easily download this without paying charges from this platform and use this amazing dragon game for free.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

There are multiple questions that arise in mind while downloading this game. I have tried to address a few of the questions that are mostly asked by the users.

From where can I get this game?
You can get this game from the link given above.
Is this game free to download?
YES, it is entirely free. you don’t have to pay any charges to download this game.
Is it safe to use?
YES, this game is completely safe. This app was initially verified for examining its compatibility and security, then was launched in market, so it is totally safe to use.
Is this a legal app?
YES, this an authorized app, so you can use it deprived of any sort of fear.
Is it an innovative type of official Dragon City?
YES, it is a new and innovative version of the old Dragon City, as it offers all those features which were not provided by the old version.